YouText lets you colorize the text and history of the Notes app

Regardless of all the new functions the Notes app maintains going in Apple’s iOS updates, one of the maximum simple things you still can’t do is alternate the textual content color.

A new loose jailbreak tweak in Cydia called YouText offers you the capability to alternate each the text and historical past color of the Notes app, giving jailbreakers an introduced layer of customization inside the Notes app they didn’t have earlier than.

Colorize the Notes app with YouText

Because the tweak can let you set each a custom heritage coloration and a custom text colour, it’s a good concept to make sure you put contrasting shades for each so your textual content doesn’t end up too tough to study on similarly-coloured backgrounds.

YouText Notes App Color Background Change

In maximum instances, you need opposing colorings, however in case you know your colors properly, then you recognize different colours additionally will be predisposed to paintings decently along with your primary colours despite the fact that they’re not opposing. but… we’ll go away the colour alternatives to you.

Appreciably, the heritage coloration doesn’t colorize the complete app; instead, it handiest colorizes the portion of the app wherein textual content is written, so the navigation bar and the border of the Notes app will nonetheless have that paper-esque background you’re already used to.

You don’t ought to set a heritage shade, so for the ones of you who suppose converting the history color looks cheesy (and i agree), you do have the choice to only trade the textual content colour in case you need to.

Configuring YouText

YouText provides a alternatives pane to the Settings app where you’ll discover separate RGB slider units for each the Notes app text and history. You’re also going to locate two separate alpha stage sliders for the textual content and heritage as properly.

YouText Preferences Pane Options to Configure

Via growing the alpha stage, you make the colour softer and greater transparent. Doing this to your textual content isn’t encouraged due to the fact it is able to make the textual content tougher to read, however doing it on your history can help with legibility even if you are the usage of colorings which are too near one another.

In case you don’t want to use the historical past colour, you could crank the alpha price all of the way up and it will become fully obvious. in this instance, it’s the precise same as no shade at all.

For what it is, YouText is a pretty neat tweak because it lets you colorize your Notes, but I have to admit I’m not a fan of the RGB slider interface because it offers literally no visualization of the colors you’re picking. You might need to use a web utility like this one from w3schools to find out what color you want before you start setting color options.

If you’re inquisitive about attempting YouText, you could down load it for your jailbroken tool(s) absolutely free of value from Cydia’s BigBoss repository proper now.

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